A Happy Client

Playing large Trout

Spent a very enjoyable 3 days with John a total novice to fly fishing and it was great from seeing him move along from knowing nothing to casting well. We rounded off the instruction today by spending the majority of it fishing putting into practice the stuff shown on the earlier days and what a great fishing session it turned out to be for a truly great guy.


We started off on dry fly and I don`t know whether the fish or John was most surprised when on the very first cast a beaut confidently swallowed the well presentd fly. john remembered all we had previously done on playing fish and after some good runs it was in the net. 5 more beauties followed with the largest being a 4lb rainbow Trout but the star catch was a magnificent overwintered fish of about 2.75lbs. We tried nymphing during the session and fish took those as well. Great fishing John.