Fly Fishing in Germany

Last week Vera and I decided to have a quick week fishing a river in the Black Forest to hopefully escape the horrendous Kendal weather. On arrival it was warm and things looked good including the river which was a little too high but it was clear and we could see fish.

Next day we started fishing and the river had risen and was the colour of cement. No fish rising , no insects hatching. It rose and fell all day and in the evening it cleared a little and dropped slightly and we had a shot and produced.

Next day it was the same with fluctuating levels and severe concrete shade. We mentioned it to the river keeper who investigated and found that in the next town up the river they were building a fish pass so diggers etc were in and out of the river and they kept damming then releasing the build up of water. This explained the massive fluctuations in levels and colour. We thought we had a shot 2 days later inj the evening  when the level was down and the colour clearing. We hooked and caught Trout and Grayling then woosh up she came. In the night there was a massive thunderstorm so next day the river was raging. A day later and another huge storm and a big river again so in 6 days we had the permits for we maybe fished 5 – 6 hours. Very disappointing but at least for 5 days the weather was hot, beer good and we visited lots of places by the excellent rail system