Tenkara Fishing

We had a great day fishing with Tenkara outfits this week. We limited ourselves to dry fly and had a blast . This method of fly fishing is really catching on in the UK and is a very relaxing way of fly fishing.

Carp Fly Fishing

We did a Carp fly fishing lesson last week for a Client who already was a highly skilled and competent caster and Trout angler.


The fish were a bit slow to respond for the first hour or so as a huge amount of fresh water had entered the lakes the previous day from torrential rain and the lakes were slightly coloured and this seemed to put fish off the feed. Nevertheless with a change or two of fishing positions and lakes we eventually found some fish willing to eat and after the few inevitable false starts with fish just poking at the fly our Client hit the jackpot landing a beautiful mirror of just over 10 lbs. As the session wore on the fish became more willing to feed and we had a great afternoon with some really beautifully marked fish caught. We think the Client was also hooked on Carp fishing using a fly.

With still waters being warm at the moment Trout do not feed well in the day time but warm water is exactly what Carp love and they will feed avidly in such conditions.  Carp fly fishing is a great way to spend your fly fishing time in the warm summer months and with the right techniques good sport is usually available.

If you would like to try it then please get in touch and we will happily show you how to do it effectively. Many things are totally different than with fly fishing for Trout and if you just turn up with your Trout rod at a Carp fishery and start fishing then the odds are very much against having a good session.