Carp Fishing Update

Fly fishing for Carp is really catching on this year and we have had several enquiries and our now taking Clients to fish for Carp as locally the main Trout Stillwaters are too hot for the comfort of Trout and rivers are at bare bones.

Perfect conditions for fly fishing. If you have never done this type of fly fishing then we recommend you give it a go as its highly productive, addictive and very good fun. If you would like to be shown the ropes then contact us for an afternoons instruction. Today we had 3 total beginners to fly fishing and all caught fish up to 13lb !! What  great start.

Carp Fly Fishing

Now is the time of year as Trout fishing slows for a couple of months that Carp fly fishing is at its very best as the waters heat up. If you have never tried fly fishing let us  show you. Its great fun and at times frustrating but so far every Client has hooked and landed lovely hard fighting Carp. If you fancy an afternoon then please email us at or call us on 07886 817770