Cuba Flats Fishing Photos

On our last blog we mentioned the superb tropical flats fishing we did in Cuba at the beginning of this month. We now have a few photos to share with you. The bonefish held by Vee were  great 6lb fish and the one Bob is holding is a fantastic 10lb Bonefish.


There are also a couple of shots of magnificent Permit caught by another angler in our party. Martin Webster who owns Selectafly is a highly experienced saltwater fly fisher and he actually caught 3 of the permit taken on the trip and has kindly allowed us to feature his fish. If you are looking for any type of fly at reasonable price then take a look at We have bought flies for the last few years from Selectafly and they are great and many of our Clients have had their first fish on Martin`s flies.cuba3_opt`scuba1_opt flie2014-08-31 16_opt2014-09-03 14_opt (1)2014-09-03 14_opt (2)2014-09-03 14_opt (3)2014-09-03 14_opts.


Fly Fishing in Cuba

Vera and myself have just returned from a fantastic and productive fly fishing trip to Cuba organised through Go Fishing Worldwide.

We were based in the small sugar processing town of Brasil in a lovely lodge and each day the anglers were transported in an excellent air conditioned bus over a 54km causeway to the fishing dock. On arrival the huge almost virgin flats were divided into 6 zones with a guide for each zone and we all got the chance to fish each zone with different features and flats. Fishing was mostly for Bonefish with a superb average weight of 4lbs plus with Permit running from about 10lb to 30lb plus Tarpon, Lemon Sharks, Snapper, Jacks and other tropical flats species.

At low tide it was mainly wading targeting Bonefish and we soon got the hang of it and Vera was first to hook up and release a Bonefish and I followed shortly afterwards. We soon got the hang of spotting Bonefish in shallow water and as the week progressed so did our catch rate and we both took Bonefish over 6lbs culminating in a magnificent Bonefish of 10lbs (to put that in perspective its like catching a 30lb Salmon). A lot of permit were seen but we could`t get hook ups. No wonder as they are regarded as the most difficult shallow water species to hook. In addition I hooked a nice Lemon Shark on the fly and caught jacks and Snappers as did Vera.

Some of the others on the trip had better luck with permit and a superb total of 8 were caught up to about 20lbs – look back at this blog for a photo once it is received. 3 Tarpon were also caught.

The potential for this new area is mind blowing and can only get better and better and most days you did not see another boat or angler on the fishing grounds.


 A few photos of the trip will be uploaded over the next few days once once we have resized them and if you fancy a shot at this type of fishing then please contact us and we will give you the details.