Casting Tune up

The new season will soon be upon us and judging by the crowds at the BFFI show at Stafford this weekend a lot of anglers are preparing for the off.

Is your casting up to scratch when you get out on the water ? We see so many anglers thrashing themselves senseless when we are out fishing and yes they do sometimes catch fish. Those are the fish that have just been stocked and are used to a big splash on the water meaning free food (pellets at the Trout farm). Why false cast slapping the water on every forward cast and then give a huge lunge on the last forward cast that does not go any further and when it does all you have  is a wind knot in your leader or even in your line. Just remember that the constant slamming of fly lines on the water soon makes Trout nervous and in no time at all those anglers catch very little and moan that there is no stock or very poor stocks in the water.

We could soon have you casting sweetly with much better presentation and catch results and the bonus is that you will not feel shattered at the end of the day. Lots of anglers blame the  rod or the fly line for their lack of casting prowess but in reality a modern well balanced outfit will perform superbly. Instead of buying the latest rod or line that is going to make you into an instant superb caster you will find that an investment in a casting lesson or two is a much better investment. If you recognise that your casting is not up to scratch then give us a ring on 07886 817770 or e mail us at

Tight lines

Bob and Vera