Cuba Fly Fishing Trip

Following a very productive fly fishing trip to Cuba last month where Vera and I caught lots of superb Bonefish to 7lb, specimen Snook to 20lb, Tarpon to 45 lb with bigger ones lost, Snapper etc we are hoping to host a trip to the same flats in April/May 2016 as this is peak time on these flats which are never busy as only a maximum of 8 anglers can fish these flats in a week. they are vast and we never even saw the same area twice.

The fishing is mind blowing as it has only been opened up for 3 years so the fish are not fly shy and anyone coming should catch well. The Cuban Government is now going to allow Americans into Cuba and we don`t imagine that the fantastic fishing will remain pristine if it get hammered with numerous Americans. 2016 is definitely the time to go in case it gets spoilt. If its on your bucket list then just do it. If you are interested please let us know as soon as possible. dates and prices are being negotiated at this time and it is likely that flights will be with Air France so it does not matter where you live as we will all meet up in Paris for the flight to Cuba.