Casting Tune Up

Hopefully by the time the traditional fly fishing season gets under way in March/April the weather will have given us a break. We can only guess at the state the rivers are in and hope that the majority of fish survived the massive floods we have had in the region. the same goes for the still waters.

If you are like most anglers and have put your rods etc away in Autumn then it may be worth having a couple of hours casting instruction to get rid of any casting faults that may creep in because of lack of use. Signs to look out for are putting in a lot of effort to make the cast with huge rod swooshing, frequently hooking the bank or low bushes behind or even yourself, “wind knots” in your leader, always ensuring you fish with the wind hard on your back etc.

We can sort these and lots of other problems for you so that when you go fishing you enjoy the experience as the casting will be so much easier and you won`t return home exhausted from all the unneeded effort you may have put in. if you would like a casting tune up then please get in touch by e mailing us at or telephone on 07886 817770

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