Casting Tune Up

Hopefully by the time the traditional fly fishing season gets under way in March/April the weather will have given us a break. We can only guess at the state the rivers are in and hope that the majority of fish survived the massive floods we have had in the region. the same goes for the still waters.

If you are like most anglers and have put your rods etc away in Autumn then it may be worth having a couple of hours casting instruction to get rid of any casting faults that may creep in because of lack of use. Signs to look out for are putting in a lot of effort to make the cast with huge rod swooshing, frequently hooking the bank or low bushes behind or even yourself, “wind knots” in your leader, always ensuring you fish with the wind hard on your back etc.

We can sort these and lots of other problems for you so that when you go fishing you enjoy the experience as the casting will be so much easier and you won`t return home exhausted from all the unneeded effort you may have put in. if you would like a casting tune up then please get in touch by e mailing us at or telephone on 07886 817770

Cuba Fly Fishing Trip

Following a very productive fly fishing trip to Cuba last month where Vera and I caught lots of superb Bonefish to 7lb, specimen Snook to 20lb, Tarpon to 45 lb with bigger ones lost, Snapper etc we are hoping to host a trip to the same flats in April/May 2016 as this is peak time on these flats which are never busy as only a maximum of 8 anglers can fish these flats in a week. they are vast and we never even saw the same area twice.

The fishing is mind blowing as it has only been opened up for 3 years so the fish are not fly shy and anyone coming should catch well. The Cuban Government is now going to allow Americans into Cuba and we don`t imagine that the fantastic fishing will remain pristine if it get hammered with numerous Americans. 2016 is definitely the time to go in case it gets spoilt. If its on your bucket list then just do it. If you are interested please let us know as soon as possible. dates and prices are being negotiated at this time and it is likely that flights will be with Air France so it does not matter where you live as we will all meet up in Paris for the flight to Cuba.

Casting Tune up

The new season will soon be upon us and judging by the crowds at the BFFI show at Stafford this weekend a lot of anglers are preparing for the off.

Is your casting up to scratch when you get out on the water ? We see so many anglers thrashing themselves senseless when we are out fishing and yes they do sometimes catch fish. Those are the fish that have just been stocked and are used to a big splash on the water meaning free food (pellets at the Trout farm). Why false cast slapping the water on every forward cast and then give a huge lunge on the last forward cast that does not go any further and when it does all you have  is a wind knot in your leader or even in your line. Just remember that the constant slamming of fly lines on the water soon makes Trout nervous and in no time at all those anglers catch very little and moan that there is no stock or very poor stocks in the water.

We could soon have you casting sweetly with much better presentation and catch results and the bonus is that you will not feel shattered at the end of the day. Lots of anglers blame the  rod or the fly line for their lack of casting prowess but in reality a modern well balanced outfit will perform superbly. Instead of buying the latest rod or line that is going to make you into an instant superb caster you will find that an investment in a casting lesson or two is a much better investment. If you recognise that your casting is not up to scratch then give us a ring on 07886 817770 or e mail us at

Tight lines

Bob and Vera


Spent the weekend helping out on the GAIA stand at Flyfest held at Rheged nr Penrith. A fantastic venue for this event and there were lots of top fly tiers demonstrating their skills along with casting demonstrations and Vera did demonstrations on both days which were well attended and received.

The atmosphere was superb and everyone there was so helpful and it was nice to see the interest in fly tying and casting. When there was time available members of the public were encouraged to get hands on and have impromptu casting sessions and they all seemed to enjoy this and it was so good to see ladies and children getting involved and coming away with the big smiles which said it all. It was great to see 6 members of the NW Lady Fly Fishers turning up and they all enjoyed their time and probably made a few new fishing friends.

Davy who organised the event is planning a repeat next year and there is no doubt that once people get to know about it the weekend will be firmly in the angling calendar2014-10-04 07.55.54

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Cuba Flats Fishing Photos

On our last blog we mentioned the superb tropical flats fishing we did in Cuba at the beginning of this month. We now have a few photos to share with you. The bonefish held by Vee were  great 6lb fish and the one Bob is holding is a fantastic 10lb Bonefish.


There are also a couple of shots of magnificent Permit caught by another angler in our party. Martin Webster who owns Selectafly is a highly experienced saltwater fly fisher and he actually caught 3 of the permit taken on the trip and has kindly allowed us to feature his fish. If you are looking for any type of fly at reasonable price then take a look at We have bought flies for the last few years from Selectafly and they are great and many of our Clients have had their first fish on Martin`s flies.cuba3_opt`scuba1_opt flie2014-08-31 16_opt2014-09-03 14_opt (1)2014-09-03 14_opt (2)2014-09-03 14_opt (3)2014-09-03 14_opts.


Fly Fishing in Cuba

Vera and myself have just returned from a fantastic and productive fly fishing trip to Cuba organised through Go Fishing Worldwide.

We were based in the small sugar processing town of Brasil in a lovely lodge and each day the anglers were transported in an excellent air conditioned bus over a 54km causeway to the fishing dock. On arrival the huge almost virgin flats were divided into 6 zones with a guide for each zone and we all got the chance to fish each zone with different features and flats. Fishing was mostly for Bonefish with a superb average weight of 4lbs plus with Permit running from about 10lb to 30lb plus Tarpon, Lemon Sharks, Snapper, Jacks and other tropical flats species.

At low tide it was mainly wading targeting Bonefish and we soon got the hang of it and Vera was first to hook up and release a Bonefish and I followed shortly afterwards. We soon got the hang of spotting Bonefish in shallow water and as the week progressed so did our catch rate and we both took Bonefish over 6lbs culminating in a magnificent Bonefish of 10lbs (to put that in perspective its like catching a 30lb Salmon). A lot of permit were seen but we could`t get hook ups. No wonder as they are regarded as the most difficult shallow water species to hook. In addition I hooked a nice Lemon Shark on the fly and caught jacks and Snappers as did Vera.

Some of the others on the trip had better luck with permit and a superb total of 8 were caught up to about 20lbs – look back at this blog for a photo once it is received. 3 Tarpon were also caught.

The potential for this new area is mind blowing and can only get better and better and most days you did not see another boat or angler on the fishing grounds.


 A few photos of the trip will be uploaded over the next few days once once we have resized them and if you fancy a shot at this type of fishing then please contact us and we will give you the details.



Carp Fly Fishing

This is now the optimum time to go Carp fishing with the fly rod as the waters are warm which the Carp love and they will willingly feed from the surface as they tend to swim and bask in the upper water levels.

If you already fly fish and would like to know how to catch these big, sporting fish then we can teach you and suggest a 3 or 4 hour session in an afternoon. You will be shown the tackle, the extra kit you need to bring, how to handle the fish safely for a photo shot, fly presentation, hooking, playing fish etc. If you are interested you can e mail us  at or give us a call on 07886 817770


Great Fishing

Yesterday we found time to go fishing with two friends. The Trout were willing to take our flies and we all had good catches but the icing on the cake was this beauty of 14 – 15lbs whch was ambushed with a perfectly presented nymph. If you want to improve your fly fi

Carp Fishing Update

Fly fishing for Carp is really catching on this year and we have had several enquiries and our now taking Clients to fish for Carp as locally the main Trout Stillwaters are too hot for the comfort of Trout and rivers are at bare bones.

Perfect conditions for fly fishing. If you have never done this type of fly fishing then we recommend you give it a go as its highly productive, addictive and very good fun. If you would like to be shown the ropes then contact us for an afternoons instruction. Today we had 3 total beginners to fly fishing and all caught fish up to 13lb !! What  great start.

Carp Fly Fishing

Now is the time of year as Trout fishing slows for a couple of months that Carp fly fishing is at its very best as the waters heat up. If you have never tried fly fishing let us  show you. Its great fun and at times frustrating but so far every Client has hooked and landed lovely hard fighting Carp. If you fancy an afternoon then please email us at or call us on 07886 817770