P6241116The most essential requirement in fly fishing is to be able to place a fly accurately on the water . It is no use if the fish rises and you hook that bush or grass behind you !!

If  you wish to learn to cast properly it makes sense to use a qualified instructor who will give you the confidence needed. Casting should be smooth and to a casual observer appear effortless. It does not involve thrashing the rod, line and body backwards and forwards.

All tuition will be tailored to your specific requirements and we can teach you

Overhead cast
Side Cast
Roll Cast
Single and Double Hauling
Casts for Accuracy
Changes of Direction Casts
Casts to Cope with Wind
Oval Cast
Jump Roll Cast
Snake Roll Cast
Single Spey Cast
Double Spey Cast
Snap Casts
2014-06-25-001-075Spiral Pickup Cast
Slack Line Casts including Reach, Aerial Mends, Pile and Wiggle Casts
Saltwater Quick Cast – essential when casting from a skiff to fast moving fish



  • Learning the Roll Cast – this cast is a must for the following reasons:
    • getting your line onto the water
    • straightening line prior to an overhead cast
    • avoiding obstructions behind you like steep banks, walls, bushes, trees etc
  • Learning the basic Overhead Cast – this cast is the foundation cast for most other casts so it is vital to master this to progress further

The beginners session is geared at ensuring that you can grasp the basic mechanics of the above casts. Once these have been mastered then its time to progress onto more advanced techniques to give you accuracy and distance which can be covered in a future intermediate lesson.


A refresher on the basic Roll and Overhead casts plus

  • Hauling
  • P6201033Casting with winds from all directions so you are not limited to casting with the wind on your back
  • Changing direction of your cast
  • Loop Control
  • Casting accuracy
  • Distance casting

Naturally the intermediate casting will be aimed at your personal needs with the aim of greatly improving your casting ability and giving you the knowledge to cope with lots of  different fishing conditions.


  • Wiggle and Parachute Casts
  • Reach Mends
  • Aerial Mends
  • Roll Casts and Variations

These casts will enable you to present flies drag free in adverse currents and in addition we can teach you Roll and Spey casts.


If you have booked an expensive trip of a life time to fish for exotic saltwater fish such as Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Jacks etc and have never tried this type of fishing before then we highly recommend that you have a casting lesson or two from us to ensure you get the best from your trip.

2015-05-27-17The casting in general is far removed from what you may do on rivers and still waters, very often it can be very, very windy and we can teach you the casts needed to be able to present your fly, which is often very large, heavy and air resistant. You will learn how to increase your line speed for good loops and cutting through wind, how to cast with the wind from behind, onto your casting shoulder and head on etc. Practice what we show you until it becomes second nature as its no good trying it out without practice when the guide on your skiff says “Bonefish 10 o clock 70`, no 9 o clock 40`” as you need to get that fly into the vision of the fish with a minimum of false casts.

We recommend a 2 hour lesson and hopefully your chances of success will dramatically increase.


  • Too much power in the cast
  • Excess use of wrist
  • Tailing Loops (Overhand knots in the leader)
  • Line landing in a heap on the forward cast
  •  Wide air resistant loops
  •  Catching the vegetation behind
  •  Multiple false casting and hitting the water on each cast
  •  Creep

P6221077 These are just a few examples of casting faults. If you have or think you have a problem then please contact us as we should be able to cure the problem.  We are trained to spot casting faults and rectify them.

Hopefully after tuition with us your casting and fishing pleasure will improve dramatically, remember that to become proficient you need to practice, practice and practice until the casts are second nature. Initially you are in effect training your muscles to do unfamiliar tasks.


If you do not have your own equipment we will provide suitable modern tackle at no extra charge.

Contact us on 01539 733297 or 07886 817770 or email

Please note that prior to commencing any casting instruction we will cover the essential safety requirements . contact us