14lb Rainbow Trout for VeeIf you are a beginner to fly fishing we recommend  taking one of our 2 hour fly casting lessons followed by you putting in lots of practice so that the casting mechanics become second nature. This should make your introduction to fly fishing more enjoyable as you will already be able to do some of the casting.

Our sessions for beginners and improvers can be either half or full days (3.5 hours or 7 hours) . Ideally a full day is best as it is more relaxing and leaves more time to cover the mechanics of fly casting and gives more practical fishing time. However many Clients opt for a half day to get a taste of fly fishing and then come back for further lessons on individual aspects such as nymph or dry fly fishing.

All instruction is given on a one to one basis to ensure that our Clients get the most from their tuition with us and the session is tailored to their particular needs.




Rainbow Trout

  • Fly fishing safety
  • Selection and explanation of fly fishing equipment
  • Tackle assembly, leaders and leader materials
  • Fly fishing knots
  • Looking at  some artificial flies to use throughout the year
  • Basic roll and overhead casts
  • Some methods for fishing different flies
  • Rise forms and bite recognition


On a half day session , depending on progress made, it is usually possible to put the above into practice by ending the session with a short amount of practical fishing and hopefully showing hooking and playing fish with proper landing methods to release fish unharmed or to humanely despatch the Trout.

During a full day the afternoon will normally be spent putting into practice some fishing techniques which may  include fishing with nymphs, lures and dry flies.


  • Wild Brown TroutFly fishing safety
  • Selection and explanation of fly fishing equipment
  • Tackle assembly, leaders and leader material
  • Fishing knots
  • Some artificial flies 
  • Basic roll and overhead casts
  • River craft – showing the usual Trout habitats etc  


For a river fishing beginners session we recommend a half day to ensure that you have a knowledge of the basic casts required for moving water before moving on to the various fishing methods.

If you already fly fish but not too successfully then we do more advanced tuition for still water  which will take you to the next level and  will dramatically improve your casting and fishing success


  • As for beginners but emphasis on effortless casting which could include:
    casting loops
    proper false casting
    shooting line
    hauling line
    coping with wind from different directions
    changing cast direction


  • Fishing various techniques including emergers, dry flies, nymphs, lures, teams of flies
  • Other retrieval methods

The improvers tuition is very much geared to your personal requirements and the above are merely suggestions as to what we will cover to enhance your future fishing experiences.

nice river brown troutIt is hoped that by the end of your tuition you will be confident to fly fish on your own and put into practice what you have been taught and you should be capable of catching on a regular basis which will build up your experience and enjoyment of fly fishing.


We include all equipment where required at no extra cost.

Please note that for anglers under the age of 18 years we ask that a parent or guardian is present throughout the entire period of instruction. Normally 12 years is the minimum age to undertake tuition because a certain physical strength is needed to cast with a fly rod.

If you would like fly fishing instruction either as a beginner or improver and wish to book a lesson or need further information you can use our contact page or you can telephone us on 01539 733297 or 07886 817770 before 9.00pm.