NW Lady Fly Fishers


We  formed North West Ladies Fly Fishing Group during 2011 with the intention  to get ladies to fly fish together at various venues and feel comfortable fishing in the company of other ladies. Several events have been  organized during the last 4 years which were well attended and were enjoyed by the participants.

If you have never fly fished before and fancy having a go then please get in touch and we will be happy to help you learn this fantastic sport in a totally relaxed atmosphere. 

All ladies in the North West are most welcome to attend and there is no joining fee


We will publish the details of all the future fishing days in this section so watch this space. If you would like to take part in any fishing day please contact Vee on 01539 733297 or 07886 817770 or email b9vee@lycos.com


Our first event of 2018 was held at Helwith Bridge on 28 April and was organised by Barbara.  6 ladies arrived at the fishery + Bob our camera guy and quickly got togged up in thermals as it was a bracing 5 C with no signs of getting much warmer.  We paid our dues, had a group photo and then off to give the trout some toothache.  Some time passed before any rods were bending and then a few fish were landed but it was not proving to be an easy day, there were no flies hatching and despite an odd fish being caught on a buzzer the rest reluctantly chased a lure.  We stopped for lunch with only 6 fish being landed and hoped for better things in the afternoon and Barbara`s delicious lemon polenta cake boosted our spirits.  The afternoon was still challenging but by the time we left the fishery everyone had landed at least one trout and were all looking forward to our next trip to Bessy Beck on 2 June organised by Vee.

We have decided for 2017 to allow each lady member to organise a day at a fishery of their choice.


March 4 we visited Mere  Beck Fishery near Southport.  It was a warmish day for the time of year but it had rained incessantly for many weeks and the ground was very slippery.  A small turn out of 5 gave us lots of space at this fishery which is a complex of many lakes, most of them interlinking.  The fishing was hard due to lack of stocks through the winter period and the lakes were apparently stocked a couple of days after our visit.  There were 3 fish caught in total which was not up to our usual records.  The cake, chocolate brownies was excellent baked by  Lesley who organised the day.

May 6 we visited Helwith Bridge and the day was organised by Barbara.  A strong North Easterly wind was present all day which made half of the fishery out of bounds for anyone unable to cast into the wind.  A total of 5 fished the lake and it is one of our favourite venues and we all caught several trout with blogs on the hang being the popular method. Barbara made the cake which was an orange and almond gluten free sponge and very delicious.

IMG_0629 IMG_0628 IMG_0633

The next event will be organized by Cath and we will be visiting Ghyll Head Reservoir nr Windermere on 3 June.


North West Lady Flyfishers held their first event this year on 19 March at Kilnsey Park Fly Fishery where, for the first time ever, we found the fishery very quiet so we were able to move around quite freely and try different areas.  The fish were quite spooky and difficult to catch but as usual, with perseverance, we eventually found the right fly, or can it be called a fly if its a pink squirmy worm ?  Not all our trout were caught on this fly we also used hare`s ear nymphs and even tiny black klinkhammers when we saw some flies hatching despite the bitterly cold weather. We always have lunch at this venue and it makes for a sociable hour in the warmth of the café before we  continue with some more fishing and then finish the  day with our customary afternoon tea of cake baked by one of the ladies.  Vee made the cake for this event and was a Victoria Sandwich cake which disappeared very quickly. Our next event at Helwith Bridge has all our members attending so it will be a great event.

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A good turn out of ladies fished Helwith Bridge on 23 April on a very cold day.  The fishing was hard as the trout were very deep down in this quarry.  Despite the difficult conditions we all had bites and most of us caught well.  We were treated to two fabulous cakes at lunchtime, a lovely polenta cake made by Sue Chapman and a beautiful light lemon sponge baked by Cath Stobbart – we enjoyed them so much we almost forgot we were there to fish.

2016-04-23 001 002_opt2016-04-23 001 009_opt2016-04-23 001 003_opt2016-04-23 001 005_opt

24 September we revisited Helwith Bridge, one of our favourite venues and despite quite warm conditions no fish were showing on the surface.  7 attended and by the end of the day we had 100% catch rate mostly coming to lures pulled on an intermediate fly line.  As usual all the trout were in excellent condition and fought well.  Barbara had made an orange and almond cake which went down very well and Cath also brought a box full of superb chocolate cup cakes.  I can guarantee when you come on the North West lady fly fishers days out you will not go hungry.





Our last event for 2015 was held at Kilnsey Park which is a really popular fishing in the Yorkshire Dales.  It is well stocked with hard fighting rainbow trout which this time seemed larger and stronger than usual. There were already many anglers fishing when we arrived and by the time we had all arrived and sorted our tackle ready for fishing it was really busy.  We all managed to find space and soon many rods were bending – we landed a total of 47 trout up to 8lb and most of those were returned to fight another day.  The fishery have a fantastic arrangement whereby if you keep any trout they will clean, fillet and pack  the fish ready for the oven.  All the ladies  caught fish which was excellent and many different methods were used from dries to gold heads to pulling lures.  We had lunch together in the café which is a good social unwind and then managed to catch a few more after lunch before we followed Hazel to the car for her delicious cup cakes and a final cuppa.  Looking forward to fishing here next year.

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26 September we visited Helwith Bridge Fly Fishery.  This is one of our favourite waters, it is a quarry with crystal clear water, plenty of space and sociable as we can all see each other while we are fishing.  The day turned out to be a flat calm which was great for casting but not so good at fooling the fish.  Nevertheless 30 trout were landed by 8 of the North West Lady Fly Fishers and despite difficult conditions we fished hard until it was time to leave.  The fish were caught on a variety of patterns from blobs on intermediate lines to tiny grey dusters off the top. Chris made the cake which was a delicious fruit cake and now we are looking forward to our next event at Kilnsey Park on 17 October.

2015-09-26 001 013_opt2015-09-26 001 010_opt2015-09-26 001 008_opt2015-09-26 001 003_optFly Fest on 3 and 4 October at Reghed, Penrith was attended by a few of the NW Lady Fly Fishers who watched the demos, learned a lot of new techniques from the fly tiers and some had some excellent tuition.  We met up with a few of the Chatton Lady Fly Fishers who were having a good time and attended the show on both days to pick up some new ideas and also bargains from the fly shops.

We have been really unlucky with the weather this year so far and suffered very windy days. Our first event of the year at Kilnsey Park where we also chill out over lunch had to be cancelled because 60 mph winds were forecast.  This would have been really dangerous to be casting in, we were all disappointed but the decision had to be made.

25 April we went to Helwith Bridge, it is one of our favourite fishing places, we usually all catch fish and are very well looked after. It was a bitterly cold day only reaching 6C and definitely a thermals day but we had 2 new ladies joined us and they both enjoyed themselves and also caught fish – Barbara made a superb lemon polenta cake which we demolished  very quickly and made arrangements to visit this lake again in September.  36 trout were landed so we held our heads up high.

2015-04-25 09_opt (1) 2015-04-25 10_opt 2015-04-25 13_opt 2015-04-25 09_opt

Mid May we decided to make a trip South to fish Eyebrook on the Saturday and Rutland on the Sunday.  Again the weather wasn’t kind as each day was very windy – 7 of us made the expedition and we found conditions really tough. Eyebrook turned out to be a lovely water and most of us landed some trout but Rutland is so vast we lost each other trying to find somewhere to fish and made an early exit home after lunch.  We had a brilliant weekend, the company was excellent and new friendships were made.

6 June we were invited to fish a private syndicate water in Cumbria – when we arrived the trees were blowing horizontal at 40 mph.  Despite the conditions we decided to try to cast a line in the hope there would be some trout in the only area possible to fish.  We were not to be disappointed, fishing proved to be excellent, we all landed superb rainbows up to 5lb and Gwyneth`s cake went down a treat at lunchtime.  We finished fishing just after 3pm as it was starting to rain and we were tired through battling the strong winds.  The North West lady fly fishers never want to give up despite very adverse conditions this year.

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Our last visit of the season is always to Kilnsey Park near Skipton where we socialize with lunch, afternoon tea as well as fishing.  This session was not to disappoint, 9 of us arrived to a poor weather forecast so donned with thermals, waterproofs and wellies we were all well prepared.  Tickets paid for, coffee drunk and we were off – already a lot of the favourite places had been taken by earlier risers but not to be deterred we picked a vacant space and tied on whatever we thought the trout might fancy and proceeded to show off our casting skills.  There were many trout taking emergers – but emerging what ?  Certainly not emerging blobs so we must change the fly, is there an emerging cats whisker, probably not so what can we tempt them with.  A few fish were caught by other anglers and we still hadn’t found the fly of choice – then an inadvertent move on the surface of a tiny black hopper prompted a take and so it went on – the hopper was acting as an emerger and the trout nailed it time and again.  All the ladies landed trout, some lovely sized rainbows too + a couple of large brownies landed by Vee so we were well pleased with our catches and held our heads up high.  We had lunch in the café and caught up on other advertures the ladies had done and finished about 4 pm for cake (Bara brith) made by Gwyneth which was lovely, second helpings were offered but being ladies we all refused.

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We haven’t reported our summer fishing on this page but June we were invited to fish a private tarn in Cumbria.  The weather was not kind, in fact in rained and blew the whole day and the weather was so bad it put off any other anglers so we had the whole lake to ourselves.   We fished hard all day, caught lots of hard fighting rainbow trout many on beetle patterns which turned white due to the excessive rain but the trout still love them. Many of the ladies had their best results ever and we hope we will be invited to fish this lovely tarn again in 2015.

At the end of June we visited Lockwood Beck Fly Fishery, it was too far to travel for many of our ladies but the few who travelled found the day very hard.  A few trout were caught by the regulars to the lake but the lake had been fishing poorly prior to our visit and our press officer was the only one of the group to catch any fish.  The cake Ali made was absolutely excellent and we celebrated Wimbledon with fatless sponge cake filled with strawberries and cream.  Yummy.

2014-06-28 001 002_opt2014-06-28 001 004_opt

Carp fishing during the summer months was difficult to plan with our ladies having many other commitments but the session we had was very successful.  We all landed carp, mirrors, commons and koi and some of the ladies enjoyed the session so much they stayed until dark and almost had a search party sent out to look for them.  One of our ladies caught so many carp she needed a lie down and a  kip to recover – a photo was necessary.

2014-08-07 001 014_opt 2014-08-07 001 016_opt 2014-08-07 001 018_opt 2014-08-07 001 019_opt 2014-08-07 001 023_opt

Our latest event was at HELWITH BRIDGE FLY FISHERY on 13 September and the weather was very kind, hardly any wind, light cloud and a little sunshine poking through.  The welcome we get from the regular guys who fish this lake is `oh, the ladies are here again, we are in for a thrashing`  and yes, it did happen.  Ladies 67   Regulars 1 or 2.  We actually do love this water, it is a quarry and can be quite challenging with crystal clear water – on this occasion there was an algae bloom and the water was quite green, so what do trout love when the water is green ?   my orange blob of course.  I have to say a lot of the trout came on emerging sedges and cdc patterns and we had a fabulous day out.  Lesley`s lemon polenta cake was demolished quicker than the eye can blink and unfortunately there were no second helpings.  Next event at Kilnsey  Park on 18 October.

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Helwith Bridge 31 May 2014

Another great day out for our group at Helwith Bridge, it was well attended by 9 ladies + Bob our press officer and photographer.  This quarry with step sides is a favourite with some of our ladies but care must be taken as the drop offs are very deep,  a couple of our ladies feel more comfortable wearing a life jacket.  We arrived with the sun shining and all wearing T shirts hoping that was going to be the clothing for the day – even before we set up the rods we had an extra layer on and soon we were wearing as much as we wore in the middle of winter.  The day was very changeable which made the fishing more difficult, there was a small hatch of olives around mid day but the fish did not seem to be enjoying them.  Some ladies fished lures to great success, in fact our new lady Clare was top rod with 8 fish mostly using an olive creation of her own tied with emu feathers,  the pulsing and mobility of this fly really tempted the trout.  We all landed trout, which was a great result when fishing was hard and ended the day with 45 fish landed,  all very good quality and fighting really hard.  At lunchtime we enjoyed Vee`s lemon cake and made plans for our next trip on 7 June.  It was a very successful day out again and everyone enjoyed the fishing and the good company.

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Raygill Fly Fishery 26 April 2014

What a great day we had yesterday at Raygill.  We love coming to this fishery, we are always made very welcome and our spirits were high despite the weather starting off a little gloomy.  We had coffee and walked up to Delph lake which had been reserved for us, quite a few trout were caught here + 2 very large pike were hooked by Cath and Barbara and played for over 20 minutes before their premature release with a flick of their tails. We stopped for lunch and polished off a superb chocolate and raspberry torte with cream and then spread out around the fishery to try to catch a few more.  The wind was pretty gusty in the main quarry lake and not many fish were showing but perseverance here produced a lot of lovely trout drifting black buzzers 2` under the surface.  We all landed lovely hard fighting fish and in total we caught 35, which was a good result.  Another cake was produced at finishing time so it would have been rude not to have a slice of Marion`s coffee cake to send us on our way home.   Despite a few unfortunate mishaps this time at Raygill like Ali slipping  on one of the damp jetties and Barbara breaking her fly rod we will be booking to visit again next year.

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Kilnsey Park 29 March 2014

We were all looking forward to this first event of 2014, it had been a long winter and we were excited to be meeting up again.  Kilnsey is a great place for us to fish and we use this venue for the first and last events each year, there are usually plenty of trout to be caught, an excellent café where we can sit together and have lunch and some of the jetties are close enough for us to fish and chat at the same time (we ladies can multitask).

As we drove up and parked in the carpark we noticed trout taking buzzers so immediately tactics changed and we tied on what we thought the trout would be eating, the fish however had other ideas and totally ignored our `match the hatch` offering for most of the day.  We did turn their heads with a few brightly coloured blobs and bloodworms  and by the end of the day we had all landed lovely trout and some of them were filleted and packaged ready to take home (a free service offered at this fishery).  We had a lovely lunch and sat a while to give the fish a rest before we set about our afternoon session.  Ali had made a superb Victoria sandwich cake and suggested we stop fishing at 4 pm and have afternoon tea before going home.

There were 9 fishing our group this time, which was a good turn out, and we landed 43 hard fighting trout – you can see by this report we are out to have a good time – we exchange methods, flies, have a really good chat and catch up and always enjoy the cake that has been provided by one of the ladies.   Any ladies who would like to join us please feel you will be made welcome.

2014-03-29 001 007_opt (1) 2014-03-29 001 009_opt 2014-03-29 001 003_opt 2014-03-29 001 015_opt 2014-03-29 001 011_opt (2) 2014-03-29 001 012_opt

Kilnsey Park 12 October 2013

This was our last event for 2013 and we went out on a high.  Watching the weather forecast several days ahead we expected gale force winds from the NE with a very cold temperature, fantastic for good trout fishing ! Everyone was donned in their finest thermals, waterproof everythings and well prepared – but it wasn’t too bad, we didn’t feel cold and the wind backed off. 7 ladies + Bob our press officer fished from 9 until 5 with a couple of breaks, one to eat a piece of super indulgent chocolate fudge cake made by Chris to celebrate Ali`s birthday and another for lunch in the café and between us the fish did not have a chance.  What a super result – 55 trout landed up to 8lbs – many lost and fish caught on a variety of methods from intermediate lines and blobs to floating lines with hoppers and emergers.  The fishing wasn’t easy, we had to keep changing our flies and methods but it was great to see all our ladies catch super hard fighting rainbows.  A great friendship has developed among the ladies and we are all anxious that everyone catches and has a good day – we are willing to share all our information, assist with casting and share our fly patterns if needed.  Well done everyone, we have had a fantastic year.   



We had fished this venue in June and enjoyed it very much despite the very bad weather conditions so we decided we would like to visit again with hopefully better weather.  We were not to be disappointed, slightly cool start but very little breeze and no rain forecast what more could we ask for – the sun soon came out and our thermal vests were discarded. What a super day we had, there were 6 of us fishing and we landed 38 hard fighting trout.  Various methods came up trumps from orange blobs on intermediate lines, daddylong legs, olive emergers and buzzers on the floating lines and although some ladies caught well in the morning and found the afternoon hard going other ladies struggled a little in the morning and excelled in the afternoon – there was no reason for this.  Trout kept coming up from the depths to snatch pale olives which hatched around lunch time and a steady trickle of insects kept the trout looking up.  We sat a while at lunchtime, Vee`s cakes (fairy cakes) and Cath`s scones with homemade bramble jam were enjoyed but we soon were back at the waters edge pitting our wits against these superb hard fighting rainbows.  Weather conditions made the day very pleasant, the company was good and we all had a great day out.  We have already warned David the owner that we will definitely be back next year and it may have to be twice.


We checked the weather forecast for 15 August and decided to postpone our carp day until the following day as heavy rain was due.  The rain did come and it rained heavily  all evening so when we arrived at the lake on Friday morning we found the lake high with cold brown water.  Several ladies couldn’t make the change of day so Chris, Barbara, myself and Bob were the only ones there.  It was evident from the start that it was going to be a difficult day because we had a problem getting the carp to feed and only single carp were cruising by so no competition with the shoals.  The swans and cygnets stayed with us for free offerings all day and were a real nuisance.  3 hours into the day, lunchtime and no fish – Barbara, who hadn’t fished for carp before, was beginning to think we had been exaggerating about the numbers we usually catch.  After catching a couple of carp we decided to move lakes and Barbara managed to catch a lovely common of 7.10lbs and later on a mirror carp of 11.60lbs so she was well chuffed.  She is now well used to playing and landing trout but the way these carp fight, run for cover in the weed and thrash to break free was a whole new experience for Barbara and she was so pleased I`m sure she will be joining us at another carp day in the future.  Chris landed some lovely hard fighting carp and was already planning her next outing to this lake.  We ended the day with 12 carp between us and had a lovely day out – it is lovely to see how the ladies are all willing to help each other play and land the fish and make sure everyone goes home happy.


What a great time we had on our first carp on the fly day this year – as usual this event was fully booked and we all had been looking forward to it for months.  The carp had spawned late this year due to the weather and were fortunately in an eating mood this day.  After a short but important safety briefing mainly about what to do  when not if it thundered and lightened we started fishing.  The best time for fishing for carp we usually find is after lunch but we all have some socializing and catching up to do so we had an early start at 10am.  Ali was quick off the mark and steadily picked carp up all day, Chris was a close second and eventually caught Ali up with 6 carp each. Lynsey was very unfortunate, her first ever carp on the fly went under a bush and got caught up in someones discarded line but hooked up several times more so she felt the strength of these powerful fish.  Cath again had several carp on and the biggest one of the day, about 14lb, was netted but quickly shot out of the net and came off as it didn’t want to be photographed.  Needless to say Cath fished all day and eventually her last carp on got tangled up with a cygnet and was prematurely released.  19 Carp were landed which is a brilliant achievement and we are all looking forward to the next carp on the fly day in August which again is fully booked.


Helwith Bridge was another new venue for the ladies and we had a fantastic time.  The weather was appalling, it was cold and heavy rain combined with gale force winds did not make a pleasant combination.  Nevertheless 6 ladies weathered the storm and fished at this very different fishery which is a quarry and produced some good catches – most of the rainbows were about 2 lbs and a lovely brownie was caught.  There were no flies hatching so we had no identification what patterns to use so most of us set off using lures – by mid afternoon some of us were catching on  nymphs and an odd fish poked its nose at an artificial dry.  Chris brought a superb bakewell tart for lunch and afterwards Vee gave a short talk on artificial flies and when we use them which was well received.  We landed 24 trout, lost a lot and missed a lot so had a really good time and will certainly be using this lake again with hopefully better weather.


 This was a new venue for our group and we expected by 18 May  to see fish all over the surface sipping emergers, splashing at dries and grabbing any  terrestials blowing around and we wouldn’t need anything warmer than a T shirt. We all arrived at 9 am and chatted while we donned several layers of thermal clothing finishing with a good quality waterproof.   9degrees C welcomed us along with a thick mist and strong wind and no fish lurking on the surface.  We are hardy ladies from the North and when we fish we are determined to catch – it wasn’t long before Lesley saw a fish rise, put to it and landed a super rainbow.  Cath was spotted netting a fish through the mist  and eventually Vee and Bob (our press officer and cameraman) also had a couple each.  Gwyneth, a new lady who joined  the group for the first time had a beautiful trout on but it was very strong and snapped the leader.  The weather didn’t improve, we adjourned to the tackle shop where Mike made us very welcome and from there to the café,  we were given a separate room to the rest of the customers (had our reputation gone before us) no Vee had decided to run a masterclass on leader materials and making up leaders with droppers which was very well received by the ladies. Now back to the fishing, the mist had lifted but it was now raining – the fishing was even harder in the afternoon but we fished until the end just in case.  Curleys is a great fishery, with better weather conditions we know we would have caught a lot more and will definitely be booking again next year.


20 April our ladies group visited Raygill Fishery again.  Leading up to the day the weather had been appalling, very windy, wet and the recent heavy snow had only just disappeared.  We were fully booked for this event which saw a fantastic turnout of very keen ladies all ready for the fantastic action we had in 2012.  The weather, although quite chilly, was sunny and the temperature almost reached double digits but we did find the wind quite a nuisance andthe water quite discoloured from the strong winds which had been blowing for some time.  Nevertheless we fished hard all day with buzzers, nymphs, lures (those blobs again) and there were enough trout caught to keep our attention going for a full day – the average was roughly 2 trout per lady and everyone caught lots of tiny trout which we didn’t count.  Chris caught a beautiful trout about 5lbs early on and several others around 3lb were landed.  The company and friendship of this group is fantastic, we started the day with coffee and homemade chocolate flapjack made by Al and really enjoyed Cath`s superb sponge cake after lunch.  We had a new lady join us for this event, Lyndsey, and she showed us her skills by landing a couple of lovely trout and I`m sure will be joining us at more events. 



What a difference a year made  22C in 2012 and only 2C this year at Kilnsey Park which was our first venue on 16 March – the brave ladies who attended definitely chose thermals as the fashion choice of the day. The fishing was much slower than usual as there had been a huge downpour the previous evening putting extremely cold water into the lakes and the trout appeared to be sulking.  Nevertheless we all fished hard and everyone caught lovely hard fighting trout, we didnt see trout taking any insects near the surface so we adopted the alternative method and orange, yellow and pink  blobs caught most of the trout on intermediate fly lines.   We all looked forward to lunch which didnt disappoint and Cath had brought a large victoria sponge cake along so it would have been rude not to enjoy a piece before we set off home. The photo below of Barbara with a trout shows half its tail missing, this had been bitten off by an otter, the trout was still feeding and fought very well but was taken home in fillets and has probably now been eaten by Barbara.



Kilnsey Park

The first event for 2012 was held on 25 March in glorious sunshine and it was an outstanding success with every single lady hooking hard fighting Rainbow  Trout. Chris showed everyone how it was done and had a terrific catch of 15. Vee was close behind with 12 and Marion took the best fish of the day which was a magnificent 7lb Trout.  Unfortunately we could not get a piccie of it as the fish jumped from the net back into the water. Even Diane who was an absolute beginner to fly fishing soon got the hang of things and caught her supper.


Chris had arranged for welcome coffee and tea to be available for everyone together with a lovely lunch so no one went  hungry.

The ladies finished a superb day of fly fishing with big smiles which said it all !


Our event planned for 29 April was postponed due to very strong winds and rain and was held on Sunday 6 May.  What a difference a week made – no wind, warmer than forecast and the sun shone most of the afternoon.  Raygill is a different place to anywhere else you will ever fish, there is a very deep quarry where the fish rise quite freely (finding what they are eating can be tricky ) and Delf Lake which is about 4 acres and well stocked with very hard fighting fish.  We fished both lakes and after all the ladies removing several layers of clothing the day progressed well and the trout cooperated. In the morning the fish were quite deep down but once that depth was found we all caught but in the afternoon the weather warmed up, the trout came up and klinkhammers nailed most of the trout.  66 trout were landed and most of them returned, Chris showed us all the way, using a mixture of blobs, black lures and klinhammers she landed 20 trout and a couple of our new ladies to fishing did very well and had fish to take home.  The highlight of my day was seeing a perigrine being mugged by crows as it protected its nest in the cliffs.  A fabulous day out in good company with excellent fishing.






Our June event was held at Bank House, Caton on 24th and despite a very wet Saturday the fishing day dawned semi dry.  When we arrived at the lake the water was quite brown from the rain the day before but quite a few fish were showing.  Ali and Chris had driven a long way to this venue and were chomping at the bit to be off, Lesley was late arriving after realizing she had forgotton her fly rod and had to go back, but where was Cath ?  Had she forgotton – no,  had something bad happened to her – hope not.  Turns out she was partying the night before and was feeling very slow when it was time to get up so missed the day.  Never mind Cath we caught your fish for you.  The ladies who did turn up had a good time, we demolished a large bakewell tart baked by Chris which was delicious and caught a selection on brownies, rainbows, blue trout and tiger trout.  The rain almost stayed away and it was great to see our ladies catching despite challenging conditions.



Our first carp on the fly day was held on 12 July and being a mid week day and not many ladies able to make it we invited a couple of guys along to show them how !!  We had a great day out, the sun shone making spotting the carp and your fly easier, the company was good and we all caught lovely carp, mirrors, commons, koi and ghost carp.  We all caught using the same method which was attracting the carp to feed in your area by throwing in dog biscuits and then casting an imitation dog biscuit fly near where they are feeding.  Absolutely not retrieving, the carp come up to the fly, look at it, head butt it, turn away, sometimes come back and slurp it down – its great fun and can be very challenging to get results.  We finished the day with 26 hook ups and 18 lovely carp landed.  Our next trip on August 9 is fully booked.



Well what can we say about this day out apart from it being a huge success.  The day was fully subscribed and when the sun was shining and there was very little wind we knew we were about to have a fantastic time.  Al and Chris had been with us before so knew the ropes when it comes to catching this species – Cath and Marion hadn`t fished for them before so a short briefing explaining the techniques, methods etc started the day and soon we were catching them.  We managed to land 18 beautiful carp up to 13lb and 6 of them were over 10lb.  The fight these fish give on a #7 rod is fantastic and both Cath and Marion were suprised how strongly they fought.  Any ladies wishing to join us on future events are welcome to get in touch as places are usually quickly taken.



Another highly successful casting instruction session – we had 3 of the existing members who just needed a few tweeks to their casting and by the end of the day they were casting lovely loops with good distances.  It was lovely to get 2 new young ladies along who had never fly fished before and they took to casting really well and were soon false casting and shooting line.  They also learned to cast with the wind in various directions and mastered the roll cast beautifully.  Well done everyone – you have proved you can do it so no excuses now.


The first event was held at Cleveley Mere Fishery, Forton where Roger, the owner and his staff provided outstanding hospitality and service and all the ladies enjoyed the day.


The second fishing day was held on 31 July at Bank House Fishery, Caton and was attended by 15 ladies who all had a great time and 9 trout were caught and many were missed.  The highlight was a yummy cake made by Ali.

Carp Fishing on the Fly

The first session was held last Thursday and with perfect conditions of warm and calm weather and the Carp cooperated and the ladies took a staggering 11 fish to almost 10lbs which included Commons, Mirrors and Kois and all fought very hard. There were lots of missed takes which is usual with Carp fly fishing. The day was a massive success.









Ladies Tuition Day

6 enthusiastic ladies attended our first tuition day at Cocklakes Fishery Nr. Penrith and spent four hours learning to cast with the fly rod.  By the end of the session they had all achieved the pick up and lay down cast, false casting, shooting line and performed the roll cast.  Knot tying was easy and Bob & I were delighted with the results.  Look out trout you are in serious danger !!

The second tuition day was held at Oak Royal Trout Fishery on 11 September where Barbara, Christine and Rec braved the very windy weather to learn how to cast with the fly rod.  By the end of the session we saw excellent results and they are now ready to go out and catch trout with confidence.  Well done ladies, you were great pupils !!

Bigland Fly Fishery

Our fishing day at Bigland Fly Fishery attracted 14 enthusiastic ladies all hoping to catch some trout.  The day started with rain at 9.30am and ended with rain at 4.00pm and rained most of the day inbetween.  The rain didn`t dampen the spirits and 19 trout were landed and many lost as the keen anglers kept moving around this natural lake trying to locate feeding fish.  Unfortunately no photos were taken of the day because of the bad weather but I`m sure most of the ladies will remember the day particularly if they landed their first trout there.  Ali`s chocolate brownies went down a treat at lunchtime – skilled at cooking as well as catching fish !!

The Final Event for 2011 held at Bank House Fly Fishery

Our final event for 2011 was held 6 November at Bank House Fishery, Caton and thermals were definately needed, the temperature had dropped to 0 degrees during the night and the trout initially decided not to play.  Rods assembled, leaders tied on, flies selected and we were off, every cast anticipating that hungry trout.  However, the sun came out, the day warmed up and  the fishing got better for our ladies.   We had some good results from the ladies with Marion catching most fish (she had to leave at lunchtime otherwise she may have emptied the lake) and Alison landing the largest rainbow trout of the day and was given a free days fishing by the owners.





Well done to everyone who came to these events during 2011, we now have a fantastic group of ladies from beginners to the more experienced anglers and  we are looking  forward to seeing you all again in 2012.   New lady anglers are welcome to join us.

Tight lines

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